The Great SEO Solution Agency and its clients will be in an independent contractor relationship. The parties do not intend or suggest a partnership or joint venture.
The Both parties will agree on the start date of the services.
& Charges will be assessed in accordance with the same date.
Clients will be provided with a monthly report about performance services.
If the Client wants to cancel or transfer all of its duties to another service provider, then the Client will give at most 15 business days’ notice.
Great SEO Solution reserves the right to subcontract specific service duties to a third-party service provider.
The Contract does not grant any rights to any person who is not a Party to it.

Clients must pay all charges before starting work if they select one of the monthly Great SEO Solution service packages.
If the customer and a Great SEO Solution Agree on a fixed price for any service. The Client must pay 70% in advance before the work begins. Within 30 days of the service’s start, the remaining 30% must be paid.
Great SEO Solution will invoice clients monthly based on, in advance.
The services will be halted immediately if the Client fails to pay the monthly package fee on time. In such cases, a Great SEO Solution.

You can pay us payment by Bank Account Number, or if you are a local client, you may also pay us by Easy Paisa account.

Great SEO Solution is not liable for indirect or consequential losses resulting from service delivery delays due to natural or unforeseen conditions

We will not waive any obligation to you if we fail to insist that you strictly perform any of your obligations under this service contract or any terms and conditions during the term.
A waiver of any term or condition will not be effective unless it is in writing.

The Client’s contact information, including name, email, number, and URL, will remain private. It will not be shared it with anyone without their permission. However, the information will be shared with the staff at Great SEO Solution.
Great SEO Solution will take reasonable steps to protect your personal information against loss, abuse, or alteration.
Data transfer over the internet is inherently unsafe, and Great SEO Solution cannot guarantee any level of security in this regard.

Our company is working on the Google Platform, and we always follow all types of roles and regulations of google for website Ranking; the client should follow as well because we provide pure white Hat SEO Services. According to Google,
We will give your Ranking on Google by google role, or if you want to run Ads, you will accept all responsibility roles on google.